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"Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death."

The dream may be free, but the journey to get there is never achieved without costs. 

Join us as we assist with some of those costs and contribute to the lives of students in pursuit of their dreams.

To provide scholarships that aid in students having the best school year possible.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

The majority of us are not trust fund kids and didn't come from families that had enough to pay for college when the time came.  We relied on student loans to get us to graduation (and oh what a glorious day it was). But no matter what your GPA, most of us walked away with two D's:

a wonderful D, the Degree, and the other D, Debt. 

My family and friends have kids who are now graduating from high school and moving on to colleges, universities, and trade schools and I thought, how can I help?

I can give what I can because every dollar makes a difference for a student. 


In 2022, in collaboration with my company, Be By Intent, we gave out our first scholarships!

What a wonderful tribute to my mom's legacy and passion for education.

Your donation will allow us to continue to provide scholarships to as many students as possible.


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