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Dr. Sandra Scranton-Lee

Where the story began

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Upholding a Legacy

Established in 1985 by my mom, Dr. Sandra Scranton-Lee, Creative Experience Educational, Inc (CEEI) is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to education.  As an early childhood specialist with an entrepreneurial spirit, my mom recognized the need to invest in our youth.  As a single mom with a busy schedule, she recognized the challenges faced by many single parents.  One of them being access to affordable childcare.  When she combined her passion for education with her desire to help her community CEEI was born to meet the need of providing childcare to low-income families.  Even though my mom majored in education and I majored in accounting, we've always shared an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to pay it forward.  That's what inspires me to keep her legacy, spirit, and passion alive. 


My mom was a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  So, in 2019, my husband and I reached out to the Compton Alumnae Chapter, where she was an active member, and started a scholarship in her name.  We continue to fund that scholarship annually.  But we also wanted to establish something of our own.  Then it hit me after listening to family and friends talk about tuition and other costs associated with sending their kids off to college.  CEEI should team up with my company, Be By Intent, and give scholarships to students pursuing their dreams.  We didn’t have much of a budget, but we were excited to get started.  In 2022, we gave out our first round of “book scholarships”.


Creative Experience Educational, Inc has come full circle.  It started with my mom focusing on early childhood education and continues with me focusing on higher education.

Thanks mom!  Your legacy lives on!     

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