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Graduation Hat Throw


The majority of us are not trust fund kids and didn't come from families that had enough to pay for college when the time came.  We relied on student loans to get us to graduation (and oh what a glorious day it was). But no matter what your GPA, most of us walked away with two D's:

a wonderful "D", the Degree, and the other "D"... Debt. 

My family and friends have kids who are now graduating from high school and moving on to colleges, universities, and trade schools and I wanted to help alleviate some of the pressure and financial burden they were experiencing.

In 2022, Creative Experience Educational, Inc (founded by my mom) and Be By Intent (founded by me), joined forces with the mission to help those who can’t afford college or trade school. With the rising cost of tuition and interest rates increasing the amount of student loan debt, our support can make a true difference for those struggling to create a better life through higher education.

This was a vision my mom had many years ago. The mission serves as a legacy for her passion for education and need to help those whom are less fortunate. Won’t you join me in making an investment in the future of our country’s greatest asset.

100% of your donation goes toward providing scholarships!

Blue Skies


It's not the absence of fear
It's pushing forward
in spite of it
-21 Days of Be-osophy


Flower Composition


A world where students pursuing any dream, passion, profession, or trade can graduate without debt.

The dream may be free, but the journey to get there is never achieved without costs. 

Join us as we impact the lives of students by providing needed scholarships as they pursue their educational and professional dreams.

Flower Composition


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